Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Sundance TV’s Rectify calmly and comfortably closed up shop with the extra-long, double-wide “All I’m Sayin'” – a beautiful final chapter that provided the perfect amount of soft closure.

Truth be told, most of this season’s phenomenal heavy lifting was done back in “Pineapples in Paris” and some of the other middle chapters. “All I’m Sayin'” was mostly about final goodbyes (well, for us) and a few hints as to what the future might hold for all these wonderful characters. Was it ever guaranteed that Hanna’s killer would be found? No. Would Daniel wind up with Chloe and her baby? Well…

On most other shows, we’d probably be given a more concrete finish. Maybe even a “Two Years Later” card and a quick addendum showing us everyone with a happy new life. But the wonder and poetry of Rectify would never allow the show to be that blunt. It was just enough that Daniel dreamed of Chloe at the end. It was enough that he now had hope – that he had expectations for what his life could be. He had things he wanted. So we can feel just like Daniel felt when he spoke to Tawney over the phone. We can feel “cautiously optimistic.” We’re free to imagine whatever future we’d like for them.

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Source: Rectify: Series Finale Review

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