Ben Collins likes to drive fast. After graduating from university he spent four years in the British Army where he served as a Special Forces driving instructor. He’s raced professionally in a wide variety of series and events all over the world, including Formula 3, GT3, BTCC, Indy Lights, Le Mans, and V8 Supercars, amongst others. He’s carved up the silver screen as a stunt driver in James Bond’s DBS and Batman’s Tumbler, and many more films. Most famously, however, he spent a hefty eight year stint as The Stig on Top Gear before his identity leaked back in 2010.

What Collins doesn’t like is racing games. Or, at least, he never used to.

Back in Collins’ Formula 3 days many of his peers were moving into Formula 1, so in their spare time they would challenge each other on Microprose’s classic Grand Prix 2. Designed by sim specialist Geoff Crammond, Grand Prix 2 is remembered today as one of the definitive racing simulations of its era.

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Source: Project CARS 2: Taking the Fight to Forza, Gran Turismo

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