Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

 Let’s hear it for forward momentum! After four episodes, Michael and his new team are finally out of Ogygia, and now the real fun can begin. Once the guards abandoned the prison, it was pretty clear that Michael and company couldn’t stay locked up, and it was extremely satisfying to see Michael and Lincoln come back together. That was done so well that it doesn’t even matter that FOX gave away that scene months ago in a trailer.

Even though Michael’s fellow escapees seem like paper thin characters, they’re starting to grow on me. And it was pretty amusing that Ja took every opportunity to eat once he got out of the prison, even when it wasn’t part of Michael’s plan. What’s interesting here is that Michael has clearly held out on Whip, who didn’t even know that he had a brother. It seems like Whip saw himself as Michael’s surrogate brother and now he feels displaced by Lincoln’s sudden introduction. That could be a fun dynamic as they try to stay alive. Would Michael abandon his new crew if it meant saving his real brother? Quite possibly.

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Source: Prison Break: "The Prisoner's Dilema" Review

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