Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

The penultimate episode of the Prison Break revival went all in on fathers and sons; which may have actually pushed that theme far past the breaking point. The two Michaels were always going to be important to each other, and retroactively introducing the son of John Abruzzi was a callback to the original series. But revealing a long-lost son for T-Bag and then telling us that it was Whip all along? That takes a lot of nerve.

To Robert Knepper’s credit, he plays the hell out of his scene with Whip and the audio confession in the car, both of which gave T-Bag a rare emotional showcase. Knepper is a terrific performer, and he almost makes it all work. The problem is that the show never convincingly set up T-Bag’s redemptive turn. As shown in this episode, it really was Michael who set T-Bag loose upon the world and gave him a robot hand. Why? And how? Are we really supposed to believe that Michael set all of that up while rotting in prison for years with only occasional internet access?

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Source: Prison Break: "Progeny" Review

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