Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

I can’t be the only one to notice that half of the revival cast was missing this week. T-Bag was MIA, Sucre hasn’t been seen since the first episode, Sara and her probably evil husband were off-camera, while C-Note was conveniently out of the room for an important phone call. The producers of Prison Break had to juggle some conflicting schedules to make this miniseries work, and it finally caught up with them in this episode.

There were some positive things to come out of that. Ja and Whip had some much needed development, and the show tried to flesh out A&W and Van Gogh. Although “tried” is the operative word for the two enemy agents. But let’s focus on the positive first. It was telling that Michael had to specifically ask Ja not to check out by getting high, especially since Ja eventually came up with the solution that got them out of the desert. Ja was also more at peace than we’ve ever seen him, especially when interacting with the children of the village.

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Source: Prison Break: "Phaecia" Review

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