Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

If I were to lob any one complaint at the first season of Preacher, it’s that the show took an entire season to establish a framework that the comic managed to build within a couple issues. Preacher is really the story of three oddball friends who hit the road in search of God, and only now as Season 2 kicks off are we really seeing that central quest take shape. But better late than never, right? Season 2 is quickly shaping up to surpass the first, with a clearer sense of purpose and an even darker sense of humor coloring the misadventures of Jesse Custer, Tulip O’Hare and Cassidy the vampire.

“On the Road” picked up pretty much right where “Call and Response” left off last year, with Jesse and friends finally hitting the road, unaware that Annville is now a giant, smoking crater and that a demonic cowboy assassin is hot on their trail. Even with no time jump, though, the show has a much different feel given the change in setting and the drastically reduced cast. I’ll be disappointed if we never see characters like Emily Woodrow or Odin Quincannon again, but it is nice to see the series focus more attention on that core Jesse/Tulip/Cassidy dynamic. And it certainly gives the show’s narrative an added jolt of momentum.

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Source: Preacher: Season 2 Premiere Review

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