Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Two new episodes of Preacher in as many nights isn’t a bad way to kick off the new season. And better yet, “Mumbai Sky Tower” proved to be a nice palate cleanser after last night’s hyper-violent premiere, slowing down the action a bit and allowing the romance between Jesse and Tulip to blossom. Not that this slower approach did anything to diminish the show’s gleefully black sense of humor.

Most of the action we did get in this episode was front-loaded in the first few minutes, as the Saint of Killers directed his wrath against an entire hotel full of gun enthusiasts. Despite the satisfying brutal nature of that shootout, the opening was actually the weak point of the episode for me. For one thing, the resolution to the cliffhanger from “On the Road” felt cheap and lazy. Jesse survived certain death from the Saint’s bullet because a truck driver just happened to be driving by at the precise time and speed needed to intercept the bullet? Awfully convenient, that. I suppose you could argue that might have been a bit of divine intervention at work, but there’s been no indication so far that God is actually helping Jesse and friends on their quest, or even wants to be found in the first place. Certainly, the source material would suggest otherwise.

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Source: Preacher: "Mumbai Sky Tower" Review

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