Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

The deeper we get into Preacher’s second season, the more the show begins to feel like the comics that inspired it. “Damsels” brings Jesse Custer and friends to a familiar stomping grounds – New Orleans – and marks the introduction of a sinister organization that will likely be a thorn in their sides for years to come. If not the most fast-paced or exciting installment of the show, this certainly laid the groundwork for bigger things to come in the weeks ahead.

“Damsels” took an unexpected detour in its opening moments, finally reconnecting with Eugene and exploring what brand of personalized torment he’s been facing in Hell. As with the Saint of Killers last season, we see that Hell in this universe is nothing more or less than a person being forced to relive their worst memory over and over again. And in Eugene’s case, it only makes sense that his worst memory would be the day he became Arseface.

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Source: Preacher: "Damsels" Review

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