Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Powerless isn’t a very consistent series, which at this point is a good thing. The show has delivered some pretty bland episodes in its short lifespan so far, but at least the quality has been trending upward again these past two weeks. The fact that we got an honest-to-goodness recognizable DC character out of the deal was just icing on the cake.

The DC character in question was Green Fury, better known to DC fans as Brazilian superhero and Justice League International member Fire. It is weird that this episode went out of its way to render the character unrecognizable (even reverting to her ’70s-era codename), but presumably slapping a punk outfit and green wig on actress Natalie Morales and calling it a day was easier on the budget. Regardless, it’s always nice seeing Powerless put some effort into capitalizing on the DC setting and using these heroes and villains as something more than background gags.

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Source: Powerless: "Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice" Review

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