Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

It’s no coincidence that the best episodes of Powerless have been the ones to feature the most DC Comics characters and references. “Green Furious” has the distinction of being the first installment of the series to include DC heroes as actual characters with conflicts and motivations of their own, not mere window dressing in an otherwise textbook workplace comedy. Clearly, this is the direction the show needs to be pursuing going forward.

Last week’s episode introduced viewers to Natalie Morales’ Green Fury (aka Fire), but this week she became a more active player in the plot. A chance encounter with Emily and a few scandalous tabloid covers later, Green Fury found herself taking up a second career as a superhero spokeswoman for Wayne Securities’ latest failed product. As bizarre as it is that this show seems content to scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to recognizable DC characters, that premise did play nicely on Green Fury’s relative unknown status. Like the rest of the Powerless cast, she’s good at her job but can’t seem to find the professional respect she deserves. She and Emily have just enough in common (and a decent enough rapport) that I wouldn’t mind seeing their friendship become a recurring element on the show. I wish Green Fury were depicted as being Brazilian like she is in the comics, but otherwise Morales suits the “down on her luck” superhero role well.

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Source: Powerless: "Green Furious" Review

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