Payday 2 developer Overkill Software is working on a virtual reality mode for its first-person bank heist shooter, which will launch for free for all Payday 2 owners. The VR mode will allow Payday 2 players to experience the entire game in VR. A beta is planned for sometime this year.

The Payday 2 VR teaser trailer demonstrates players using the HTC Vive’s motion controllers and full-body tracking to hide behind cover, order hostages, shoot weapons, steal jewelry, and revive fallen teammates.

Crossplay will allow VR players and traditional PC players to team up in the same game.

Watch the Payday 2 VR Mode trailer below.

Payday 2 is also getting an Ultimate Edition, which will merge nearly every piece of DLC into a single collection available for $45 along with the base game. That includes over 55 heists, 18 playable characters, 77 primary weapons, 51 secondary weapons, and 82 melee weapons.

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Source: Payday 2 Is Getting a Free VR Mode

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