IDW is using the aftermath of the Revolution crossover to offer readers fresh jumping-on points for every book in the shared Hasbro universe. Optimus Prime, naturally, focuses on the titular Autobot leader as he attempts to lead earth into a bold new future. But between increasing human backlash to the Transformers and Prime’s demons coming back to haunt him, that future isn’t entirely a bright one. But it is one that makes for a worthwhile jumping-on point for curious readers.

Writer John Barber does delve pretty heavily into past and present Transformers lore with this first issue, but it remains pretty accessible regardless. Prime’s narration goes a long way towards illuminating his current frame of mind and how the past weighs heavily on him. Barber paints him as nothing if not a conflicted leader, one who questions his own authority and actively seeks the input of his followers, not all of whom are 100% loyal.

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Source: Optimus Prime #1 Review

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