It’s no easy task to follow up a creative team as strong as Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino. Marvel’s strategy with Old Man Logan is to rely on one up-and-coming writer in Ed Brisson and one veteran artist in Mike Deodato. The result is a new status quo for the series that retains much of what worked before while doing just enough to carve its own path.

I had my concerns coming into this issue, as the last thing Old Man Logan needs is another story arc focused on Logan dwelling on his past demons rather than embracing his uncertain future. Luckily, “Days of Anger” isn’t shaping up to be a mere retread of “Past Lives.” This time around, it’s not Logan himself haunted by his past so much as the Hulk Gang, the family of inbred, gamma-irradiated hillbillies Logan supposedly slaughtered at the end of the original Old Man Logan storyline. They’re back, and they have a new leader in the form of Maestro. Suffice it to say, Brisson and Deodato put a weird new spin on the age-old Wolverine/Hulk rivalry.

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Source: Old Man Logan #25 Review

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