The finale to Jeff Lemire’s Old Man Logan run is fast approaching. Issue #20 picks up where the previous chapter left off in terms of setting the stage for Logan’s mysterious journey through time. Unfortunately, it accomplishes little else. This issue is merely a means to an end, plot-wise, and it remains unclear why the series needed even two issues to set the stage for “Past Lives.”

The previous chapter established that Logan is hellbent on returning to his own world long enough to ensure that the Hulk baby he left behind is being properly cared for. Having exhausted his options among the upstanding heroes of the Marvel U., Logan now turns to sorcerer villain Asmodeus for assistance. There’s some humor to be had in Asmodeus’ D-List status, but ultimately both he and fellow guest star Miles Morales feel like expendable plot devices than truly relevant players. Miles’ role in particular could just as easily have been filled by any number of other New York-based heroes.

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Source: Old Man Logan #20 Review

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