Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

After the intensity of the sports festival, “Time to Pick Some Names” slows down the pace considerably, providing the students of U.A. High some much needed time to rest and recover. As such, this week’s episode may not be the most action packed or thrilling of Season 2, but its clever comedy and touching character moments make for a great episode nonetheless.

As its title implies, the central focus of this episode was the hero name selection process as the students prepare for their internships, which I found to be both amusing and emotional. I was really hoping Iida would choose to inherit his brother’s alias, and was heartbroken when he didn’t. Conversely, I was pleased with Todoroki’s decision to go use his given name Shoto as his hero name, as it reflects his continued growth in accepting himself. I also really enjoyed Bakugo’s horrifically violent name suggestions, as they were hilarious and true to his character.

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Source: My Hero Academia Episode 26 Review

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