Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

The second season of My Hero Academia is getting better and better with each episode. The further Deku and his peers progress into the U.A. Sports Festival, the higher the stakes become, and in “Cavalry Battle Finale” the second round of the competition concludes in glorious fashion, further developing My Hero Academia’s core cast of characters amidst some of the most heart-pounding action the series has had yet.

While “Cavalry Battle Finale” is full of incredible moments, Deku’s desperate attempt to reclaim his 10 million point headband from Todoroki was the undeniable standout. I was expecting Deku to save the use of his All for One Quirk for the very final round of the festival, but with the clock ticking down and the success of his teammates weighing on his shoulders, he charged right in with nothing to lose. I found the brief flashback to Ochaco’s family’s financial issues during this moment to be particularly powerful, as it fueled Deku’s desire to win not only for himself, but also for his friend.

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Source: My Hero Academia Episode 18 Review

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