In any annual, most of the fun comes in allowing the various creators to play freely within the universal playground sans the regular trappings of the series’ ongoing narrative. It’s a formula BOOM! Studios nailed with its first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annual and, wouldn’t you know it, they’ve done it again with their second.

Again featuring five different stories from a collection of industry talent, this annual offers a little bit for everyone. Regular MMPR writer Kyle Higgins and annual artist Goni Montes kick things off with the one story directly tied into the flagship title’s ongoing narrative. Anyone following that book knows that an alternate version of Tommy eventually goes full Vader on his former allies, and here we see how the initial fractures are formed. It’d be easy to lean into Tommy’s loner machismo, but Higgins actually gets more mileage by playing the character as the odd man out. As Rita manipulatively points out, Tommy wasn’t one of the five initially selected by Zordon, making his status as a Ranger comparatively second tier. There’s not a whole lot that Higgins can unpack in the limited pages provided, but its enough to add further layers to this particular portrayal of Tommy.

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Source: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2017 Annual #1 Review

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