Despite being the big head on campus, Zordon has largely taken a backseat recently due to all the evil alter-egos hogging the spotlight. Kyle Higgins’ latest looks to rectify that, the writer eschewing further advancement in lieu of a fill-in-the-blanks style aside exploring Zordon’s missing moments. Aided by the strong work of fill-in artist Daniel Bayliss, the resulting read is as surprisingly nuanced as it is gorgeously detailed.

Though slow in parts, Higgins current arc has easily been the series’ strongest up to this point, and his introduction of an alternate world ruled by a domineering Tommy is a big reason why. That said, much of what we know about that same world has come via quick blasts of exposition or alluded history, leaving little connective tissue between the Rangers we know and the world they don’t. It’s that gap that Higgins looks to fill in here, using the missing Zordon as an unlikely bridge. Trapped in a place between the two similar but morally different worlds, Zordon serves as an unwitting narrator to the book’s recent events, his stasis allowing him to see—and us to understand—just what happened to the Zordon whose Green Ranger ran astray.

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Source: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15 Review

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