The future is here, and it’s not looking good for the time-lost teens with attitude. The latest from Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya further taps into the vast mythology at their disposal, making for a uniquely exciting and visually immersive installment.

Given the dramatic nature of last month’s reveal, it wouldn’t have been at all unexpected had Higgins decided to let the mystery linger. He instead opts to do the exact opposite, quickly confirming that Tommy and Billy have in fact been transferred to an alternate reality. Of course, the actual nature of that reality goes quite a bit further, as its revealed that Lord Drakkon, aka Tommy 2.0, once walked a very similar path to our own Green Ranger. Good versus evil can be an all too simple concept if handled incorrectly, and Higgins does a nice job of differentiating the two Tommy’s beyond their seemingly obvious inclinations. At this point Tommy is largely viewed as a “good guy”, but he’s also conflicted, knowing full well the origins of his massive power. In Lord Drakkon, we don’t get a character who succumbs to the evil energy, but rather submits to it, and it’s that dichotomy that provides the book’s strongest character moments.

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Source: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #12 Review

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