Of the many reasons to enjoy BOOM’s signature title, its ability to reinvent plotlines and themes from the original series in new and inventive ways continues to be its most appealing. Issue #11 offers perhaps the best example of that update yet, Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya pitting their cast against a threat both entirely new and strangely familiar. Morphin time, indeed.

In keeping with his more grounded focus, writer Higgins opens his latest by focusing on those most affected by the Rangers absence—their parents. With their burly bods and giant Zords its often easy to forget the “teen” that comes with the requisite attitude, and Higgins again does a solid job of making both the Rangers’ parents and their interaction with them feel entirely plausible. It also highlights one of the basic tenets of superheroing, one that forces the Rangers to lie to the ones they love as a way of protecting them. Silly as it is that the parents of Angel Grove too share the same affinity for mono-colored wardrobes as their famous offspring, it’s those basic connections and scenes like those mentioned that elevate this title from more standard fare.

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Source: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #11 Review

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