Based on the Mattel toy figure of the same name, Max Steel has emerged as one of the downright strangest superhero films to come out in recent memory, mainly due to the film’s bland and recycled look. Not to mention the way it has been inarguably dumped by its studio in the middle of awards season with little to no real marketing going for it either. Unfortunately, Max Steel would have fit more in line with the films we see in January, and it’s not only just as boring and bland as the trailers and teasers made it look, but is even worse than it had seemed.

The film follows Max McGrath (Ben Winchell), a teenager living with his mother (Maria Bello), after the pair have just returned to their hometown for the first time since Max’s father was mysteriously killed in a freak accident at his science lab. Shortly after their return though, Max begins to experience strange things happening around him, including sudden electrical blackouts and his hands beginning to emit some sort of strange, electrical liquid.

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Source: Max Steel Review

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