Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda’s multiplayer, especially playing as a Krogan Vanguard, made me feel like one giant ball of intimidating badass, even as the wave-based difficulty escalated. The incredible satisfaction of charging at an enemy, smacking away half their health, and then finishing them off with a ground pound had me smiling every single time.

We played 1-7 of the horde-style waves, on a particularly-vertical map called Firebase Sandstorm. It’s a level clearly designed with Andromeda’s new jetpack feature in mind – if you’re feeling overwhelmed on one of the higher levels, jetpacking down to safety is a comforting way out, and in that, it feels a little closer to Halo’s Firefight than Gears of War’s Horde Mode. That said, there is an auto-cover system to help you shield yourself from incoming gunfire in situations you can’t jump away from, but it didn’t always work when I wanted it to, and sometimes I’d get into cover when I wasn’t trying to at all.

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Source: Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Preview

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