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Now that was a gut punch of an ending.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has learned a lot in its four years on the air, and in its latest episode “Wake Up,” it showed that it really knows how to use our expectations against us. The first two thirds of this episode felt like story beats this show has told us before, from SHIELD infiltrating an enemy’s base to Daisy’s defense of Inhuman kind to a traitor being in our midst. But that last third is what made “Wake Up” such an excellent episode, subverting what have become anticipated story beats all the way up through May’s brutal twist of final scene.

I was convinced several weeks ago, when Radcliffe and Fitz got knocked out by Aida and then they woke up relatively unharmed, that Fitz was the second secret L.M.D. in SHIELD’s midst. I remained convinced all the way until the big twist at the end of the episode: that Radcliffe has been an L.M.D. ever since Aida failed to acquire the Darkhold, and that he went running off to Nadeer to protect him.

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