To say that FX’s new X-Men-themed TV series, Legion, is keeping its cards close to the vest would be putting it mildly. The series premiere raised far more questions than it answered about the nature of powerful mutant David Haller. What are David’s ties to the X-Men? How much of what we’re seeing actually happened, and how much was merely the hallucination of a dangerously unstable mind? When the heck is the show even taking place?

However, one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the show right now involves a strange villain called “The Devil With Yellow Eyes.” This dark figure has a habit of showing up and silently tormenting David in his weaker moments. It’s tough to say whether this character is even real or a figment of David’s overactive imagination, but based on the comic book source material, we have a few ideas.

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Source: Legion: Who Is the Devil With Yellow Eyes?

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