Spoilers follow for this episode and the comics on which Legion is based.

First up, congratulations to the Legion team on the news today that the show has been renewed for a second season. Noah Hawley will continue to serve as creator and executive producer on the show, which will hit in 2018 and no doubt be even crazier than Season 1 has been!

As for tonight’s episode, I’m running out of different ways to say how stylish this show is, so let’s jump to a Star Trek analogy instead. “Chapter 6,” which is set almost entirely within the illusory world where David and his teammates are patients in Clockworks, is essentially Legion’s version of “The Naked Now.” That was the TOS episode of Trek where Kirk, Spock and the gang were infected with a virus which broke down their inhibitions, allowing them to display their innermost feelings, desires, and fears. It was a highly effective cheat sheet to get to the core of the characters, and it works equally well on Legion.

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Source: Legion: "Chapter 6" Review

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