The original Knack received some mixed reviews. It was colorful and worked well enough as a showcase for what PS4 was capable of, but it ultimately felt more like a tech demo than a fully fleshed-out game.

Knack 2 is trying to fix that problem. The game openly acknowledges the shortcomings of its predecessor (one character says to Knack, “it’s hard to believe you saved the world. All you know are three punches and a kick”) and has actually added a pretty robust moveset for combat and platforming.

Knack does still have the aforementioned punches and kick, but he’s also learned a few new tricks. He can switch between a small version and large version of himself at any point (which comes in handy for platforming sections) and he has a shield for deflecting incoming projectiles or generally blocking damage. His other abilities include a dash, body slam, multi-punch, jump kick, and a few other basic combat moves.

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Source: Knack 2 Tries to Fix the Original’s Shortcomings

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