In any crossover, the most appealing draw usually comes in the form of some sort of union between the two respective properties. The whole point of a team-up is for the various parties to, well, team up, and up until now that element has been more or less absent from Tom Taylor and Stephen Byrne’s story. In the end it’s that reality that makes Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3 all the more frustrating, its early promise felled by inconsistent plotting.

His meet-cute over and the book’s overarching threat established, Taylor at last turns his script to the Morphin’ menagerie teased by the book’s premise. With the Watchtower’s teleportation system down and a host of space octopods threatening cities across the globe, the Justice League has no choice but to split their ranks with those of the Power Rangers and their fully functioning Zords. It’s a familiar tool but one full of potential, and Taylor does a great job of building that giddy sense of expectation.

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Source: Justice League/Power Rangers #3 Review

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