Now that the initial novelty of DC Rebirth has worn off, the time has come for DC to publish something that can both keep the momentum going and start furthering some of the many loose ends left over from DC Universe Rebirth #1. Justice League vs. Suicide Squad serves both of those purposes at once. It’s the first major crossover event of the DC Rebirth era, and the next big step along the road to whatever the climax of this relaunch will be. And judging from this first issue, it’ll satisfy fans regardless of what type of story they’re looking for.

At its core, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad is a pretty straightforward crossover. Batman and his allies are none too keen on the idea of Amanda Waller running a covert assassination squad comprised of their enemies, and they’ve decided to put a stop to Task Force X. Naturally, Waller’s team aren’t keen on being ordered about by the costumed do-gooder crowd, so fighting quickly ensues. Writer Joshua Williamson quickly settles in with both teams. His script especially shines in the Suicide Squad-focused segments, playing the various personalities against each other and making solid use of new addition Killer Frost.

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Source: Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1 Review

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