Back when they were up-and-coming creators working for a publisher still clawing its way out of the ’90s superhero disapora, Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos created a little book called Alias. That series offered something we hadn’t really seen before from Marvel – a dark, mature, hard-boiled look at the seedy underbelly of the Marvel Universe. The series had a major impact on Marvel’s developing voice, but too rarely have we seen Bendis and Gaydos reunite to continue Jessica Jones’ adventures. That finally changes with this new series, which proves that it is possible to get the band back together and recapture that old magic even so many years later.

Fans of Alias may be surprised at just how similar in tone and subject matter this new series is. It would seem as if nothing has actually changed in Jessica’s life in the past 12 years. She’s a loner, skirting the wrong side of the aw, drowning her sorrows in alcohol and struggling to make ends meet as a private detective who specializes in superhuman-related cases. In most cases, that sort of regression would be disappointing to see. What about all the growth Jessica has experienced over the years, especially as a wife, a mother and an occasional Avenger?

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Source: Jessica Jones #1 Review

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