Jean Grey isn’t the first of the All-New X-Men/X-Men Blue characters to receive her own solo comic, but she’s definitely the most deserving. How does a young mutant hero react to the knowledge that she’s destined to fuse with an all-powerful cosmic force, annihilate an entire solar system and spend the majority of her adulthood either dead or married to Cyclops (I”m unsure which is worse)? This new series uses that dilemma to form a predictable but largely compelling foundation for itself. Can Jean find her place in this unfamiliar Marvel Universe and possibly change her destiny?

The thing that prevents this first issue from reading like more than just a good foundation is that writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Victor Ibanez seem in little hurry to actually get the ball rolling. The final few pages establish a clear mission for Jean going forward, but until that point the book is mainly preoccupied with a prolonged battle between Jean and the Wrecking Crew. What starts as a fun little clash between one loner hero and three oversized bullies eventually becomes dull and overextended.

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Source: Jean Grey #1 Review

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