Warning: Full spoilers for the iZombie: Season 3 finale below.

You have to hand it to iZombie for not playing it safe, with Season 3 functioning as a huge game-changer in a way that truly earned that oft-used descriptor.

It really feels as though the series is now moving into a much more fantastical, “alternate universe” place going forward. Look, obviously any series that is about zombies is fantasy from the start, of course, but with so many of Seattle’s citizens now transformed – and the truth about their existence now revealed – we’re now much more in “What if?” terrain and a look at how society would function under these incredible circumstances.

The glimpses we got at the end of those brain distribution stations, scared/angry humans attacking said stations, and Fillmore Graves essentially running the show, all set in place a very exciting Season 4 that upends all of the “will Liv and the other zombies’ identities be revealed?” aspects iZombie was fueled by for much of its run until now.

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Source: iZombie: Season 3 Finale Review

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