Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

“The Gang Tends Bar,” at face value, was another attempt by Dennis to try and get everyone else in the Gang to act normally. To behave like civilized, responsible adults who understand good will and consequences. Naturally, Dennis’ hopes were crushed at almost every turn while he tried, in earnest, to get his friends and family to just be Paddy’s Pub employees.

It’s a familiar premise, for sure. And usually, within this arc, Dennis himself winds up becoming unhinged in very Dennis-like ways. See “Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare” for the most recent example of Dennis destroying his own best laid plans. But here, surprisingly, Dennis stuck to his guns. He really did want everyone to just serve customers. To work at the bar that they all supposedly “ran” together. This was their shot at normalcy. To gain a healthy stream of regular clientele. So it’s fitting that they failed miserably.

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Source: It's Always Sunny: "The Gang Tends Bar" Review

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