Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

A few weeks ago, it might have seemed like bad fortune that Into the Badland’s second season was debuting mere days after Iron Fist hit Netflix. Geeks only have so much room for martial arts fantasy in their weekly diet, right? But given the uniformly negative reaction to Iron Fist, the timing might wind up working out in AMC’s favor instead. If you’re feeling jilted at Iron Fist’s lukewarm display of fighting prowess, Into the Badlands is here to wash away the bad taste.

A lot has changed for the series since the Season 1 finale. Roughly six months have passed since Sunny (Daniel Wu) betrayed his Baron and failed to save protege M.K. (Aramis Knight) from the abbots who came to collect him. “Tiger Pushes Mountain” picked up with pretty much every character undergoing a fundamental status quo change. Sunny has gone from being right-hand man to one of the most powerful men in the land to being a lowly slave in a mining prison. M.K. is now training in a remote monastery under the watchful eye of the enigmatic Master (Chipo Chung). Ryder (Oliver Stark) is busy lording over his new kingdom, even as the Widow (Emily Beecham) and her butterflies begin taking back what’s theirs.

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Source: Into the Badlands: Season 2 Premiere Review

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