Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Into the Badlands took a big risk tonight by cutting Daniel Wu’s Sunny and Nick Frost’s Baijie entirely out of the equation. Between that and an increased focus on Marton Csokas’ ex-Baron Quinn, there’s a lot that could have gone wrong in “Palm of the Iron Fox.” It’s to the show’s credit that Season 2 continued to hum along even without some of the show’s biggest selling points to rely on.

It does make sense to keep the focus so firmly on characters like Quinn and the Widow with the long-awaited conclave finally taking place. As it is, the brief scenes focused on M.K. felt a little out of place relative to the rest of the episode. M.K. didn’t really make any progress on his journey of self-enlightenment, and the writers may have been better off putting him on ice for a week just like they did Sunny and Baijie.

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Source: Into the Badlands: "Palm of the Iron Fox" Review

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