Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Last week’s Into the Badlands broke from tradition by cutting Daniel Wu’s Sunny completely out of the picture. For the most part, it was a risk that paid off. All the same, it was good to see Sunny front and center again this week in an episode that highlighted just how dark life can be both in and out of the Badlands.

Sunny hasn’t exactly been himself this season. Being dragged half a continent away from his family is only part of it. He’s a man haunted by the ghosts of the 400 people he’s killed (particularly the man he once called “Baron”). Where once Sunny was perfectly happy to kick ass at a moment’s notice, these days he only busts out his martial arts moves when his own life is in imminent danger. This week was an important step in his journey, reminding Sunny that his skills can be put to use and that there are still innocent people in the world worth defending. By the end, it felt like our hero made an important step back to becoming the confident warrior he was in Season 1.

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Source: Into the Badlands: "Monkey Leaps Through Mist" Review

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