Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Two episodes in, it’s all the more clear that Into the Badlands is in better shape for Season 2. The scope is larger, there’s more variety in terms of both locales and character conflicts, and the show seems even more willing to deliver its unique brand of hyper-violent martial arts. Unfortunately, this episode also serves as a reminder that some problems aren’t so easily shed.

Even if he feels less like the show’s central protagonist this season, Into the Badlands is always at its best when focused on Sunny. Daniel Wu remains the brightest light in an otherwise mixed cast of actors, and the fact that he now has Nick Frost’s Bajie as a comic foil is just icing on the cake. Their oddball dynamic continues to be a lot of fun to watch, especially as Bajie has shown he isn’t above betraying his new friend to get ahead in the world. Frost brings just enough of a dark edge to the role to prevent Bajie from coming across as pure comic relief. But even if he were merely a bumbling sidekick, the fact that Into the Badlands has a bit more comedy this season is a welcome improvement on its own.

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Source: Into the Badlands: "Force of Eagle's Claw" Review

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