Blizzard unveiled its next Hearthstone expansion yesterday, and boy, is it going to shake things up. Knights of the Frozen Throne is coming in August and will take players to Northrend and give them 135 new cards to play with, including a new type of card, the Hero card. There’s one of these per class and playing them sees the hero transform into a Death Knight version of themselves. An evil, undead version of themselves.

Rexxar, for instance, becomes Rexxar Darkstalker. Playing his card will gain you armour, do AOE damage and give you a new hero power that lets you stitch together hideous chimera-like creatures, via a double Discovery, where you choose two beasts and then they fuse into one, with all the stats combined, all the abilities represented and costing whatever the total mana cost is. (Mike Donais has clarified how this works a little. You’ll be offered Hunter and neutral beasts at equal rates, they’ll always be five mana or below and the first pick is cards with text, the second with keywords or vanilla.)

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Source: Hearthstone's Frozen Throne: Everything Blizz Would Tell Us

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