Whether you consider her the “other” or the one and only, Kate Bishop has made her mark as Hawkeye. And yet, where Clint Barton has more than a few solo titles tucked in his quiver, Kate is often left on the outside guest-starring in. That alone makes Marvel’s new Hawkeye #1 an immediate draw, as everyone’s favorite wisecracking sharpshooter at last gets the solo reins. It also helps that she’s brought one heck of a creative team with her in Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire. Fast, fun and oh so pretty, this is a debut you won’t want to miss.

This isn’t Kate’s first time in Los Angeles, but it still impressive just how seamlessly the character adapts to her new digs. Thompson’s Kate is assured from panel one, and believably so, her characterization immediate and magnetic. There are certain similarities to other titles in the opening issue –much of the trademark snark of Matt Fraction and Jeff Lemire’s respective runs carries over, and there’s a definite Alias vibe (and reference) to her start—but overall Thompson’s Kate is as fresh as she is familiar.

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Source: Hawkeye #1 Review

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