Green Lantern/Space Ghost is easily the most enticing of DC’s four DC/Hanna-Barbera specials on offer this week. That’s both due to the promising superhero pairing and the creative team involved. Nor does this issue disappoint, proving that maybe there’s some long-term mileage to be had out of this particular alliance.

Initially, Green Lantern/Space Ghost seems content to go through the familiar motions of superhero crossovers. Both heroes find themselves drawn to a remote world in search of a powerful weapon, and they predictably wind up tussling before putting aside their differences. But it’s not long before the usual tropes fall by the wayside in favor of a more compelling conflict. Writers James Tynion IV and Christopher Sebela craft a conflict that’s well-suited to the one-shot structure of this issue. It’s not too big or ambitious to fit the scope of the issue, but it strives to tell a far more poignant story than simply pitting two heroes against a cackling villain. The enemy here is ignorance, something that gives this issue a real sense of relevance despite it being millions of light years removed from Earth.

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Source: Green Lantern/Space Ghost Special #1 Review

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