Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

I accepted, but wasn’t entirely pleased with, Jim Gordon’s overlong dream/delusion sequence a few weeks back, in “Red Queen,” as a means of getting him back on the force in a somewhat believable manner. This week’s conflict with Captain Barnes, however, made for a much better method of re-indoctrunating Jim back into the GCPD as he came face to face with his Season 2 crime of straight-up  murdering Theo Galavan.

Sure, he was imprisoned in Season 2 (in last year’s best Gotham ep, “Mad Grey Dawn”), but it wasn’t for Theo’s murder. He was framed for cop killing by Edward so even though Jim deserved to go down for murder, there was still a level of disconnect there that possibly allowed him to shirk responsibility for Theo. He hit a low, for sure, but there still could have been a part of him that thought what he did, with Theo, was the right choice.

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Source: Gotham: "The Executioner" Review

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