Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Hey, how about that? No Harley Quinn at all! Not even a tease or a glint.

I hope not too many of you watched this two-parter hoping for a shot of Dr. Quinzel because of the rumors (or because star David Mazouz said she’d be in the finale) because she’s, assumedly now, being held for Season 4. Mazouz got some wrong intel or he inadvertently became a cog in the hype machine. Either way, producers should have definitively shot down these rumors once cast members started spouting them.

But let’s look at what we did get by the end of “Destiny Calling/Heavydirtysoul,” other than the knowledge that one of the writers is a big Twenty One Pilots fan. We got ourselves an official Iceberg Lounge! All thanks to a really fun twist that involved Penguin out-smarting Riddler by taking advantage of Riddler’s trademark Type-A/OCD weakness. The fact that Edward is, as Oswald put it, “driven by a desperate need to complete what you started in an exacting fashion.” That was excellent. Now Nygma’s on ice, placed to the side, and ready to be thawed out next season however it is they choose to free him from the block.

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Source: Gotham: Season 3 Finale Review

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