Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Most of the time, I feel like TV “vision/dream sequence” episodes are kind of a self-indulgent waste. There are rare cases when it works, but mostly it just feels like padding – the chance to fill “x amount” of minutes with nonsense until the time comes to finally land on a point.

That’s what happened here in “Red Queen” as Gordon got blasted with a powerful hallucinogen that took him into the dark recesses of his mind. Mad Hatter basically Scarecrow’d Jim here, with perhaps a bit of Joker at work too since Jervis’ ultimate plan was to drive Gotham mad using his sister’s tainted blood.

Now, I did like the introduction of Jim’s dad, and the end of his vision, where Jim got to sit with his dad for a bit before the “fatal” car crash, worked well. Plus, the final reveal of his father possibly being the head of the Court was a nice twist. But getting to that end point was a bit of a drag. We had Bruce wearing a creepy Jim Gordon mask and then Jim tumbling into hell. Then Jim imagined a happy family life with Lee (set in the 30s or 40s?). All the while, Barbara (sometimes scantily clad in nurse attire) taunted him as they traveled to different levels of his subconscious on an elevator. It just felt like a rehash of all the torturous things we knew about Gordon already. Until his father showed up, of course.

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Source: Gotham: "Red Queen" Review

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