Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

We jump back into Gotham’s third season with a particularly silly episode in “Ghosts,” which saw both Jim Gordon and Penguin targeted for take downs. For Jim, that meant dodging the (many wild, flailing) bullets of Zsasz and for Penguin it meant enduring “Stage 1” of his demise at the hands of Ed and company.

Sure, it was interesting to see Ed employ his proto Riddler-style mind games and chip away at Oswald’s psyche by using Clayface to impersonate his dead dad (sort of a thankless cameo for Paul Reubens here) — much in the same way he defeated Gordon last year — but it all still rang rather empty because of how fake Isabella felt as a character. I swear, there’s still part of me that thinks she was an Indian Hill creation.

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Source: Gotham: Midseason Premiere Review

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