With Ghost Rider currently lighting up the small screen, this new debut couldn’t have come at a better time. At least, that would be the case if this first issue had anything to do with the signature skull. Taking a strong backseat to a slew of unnecessary guest stars, the latest from Felipe Smith and Danilo Beyruth hits the road with more of a sputter than a spark.

If all you knew about Robbie Reyes going in to this issue is that he’s a good brother and a demonic vessel, well, you won’t leave with much else. Smith takes a stripped down approach to this first chapter, ultimately letting the opening bio-page tell the reader all they need to know. The bulk of Robbie’s page time revolves around his disabled brother, Gabe, and while there’s certainly a degree of depth that comes with their interactions, it comes off as overly manufactured and not altogether genuine. There’s a lot of tell and not as much show, the driving force of Robbie’s character only loosely defined.

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Source: Ghost Rider #1 Review

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