Some games refuse to be described in a single sentence. Get Even, from Polish studio The Farm 51, is definitely one of them.

It’s a first-person shooter, but it relies far more on exploration than blasting; firefights are few and far between. It makes a point to frighten players with the occasional tried-and-true jump scare but overall Get Even leans much more heavily on psychological horror for its chills. It’s an investigative thriller with what initially seems like a dash of simple sci-fi shtick, but it had twisted my brain into a pretzel after the first 60 minutes.

Get Even is all these things, which is what made pitching the game to publishers very difficult.

“‘So it’s a shooter? It’s a first-person shooter?’” says producer Lionel Lovisa, mimicking the kinds of questions the Get Even team were fielding from potential publishers. “And you say, ‘No.”

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Source: Get Even Wants to Break Your Brain and Make You Cry

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