Gearbox Software has hired an entire university class to develop an unannounced VR game, the studio revealed.

A team of 16 student were picked from one of the best grad schools for game development, SMU Guildhall, and they’ll begin work on the mysterious title after graduating in May. Gearbox has a long history with SMU Guildhall, as the studio has hired many of the university’s alumni. Some of these developers have even come back to the school to participate in thesis reading committees.

Guildhall’s quality education and its experienced students prompted CEO and Co-Founder of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, and Senior Producer Brian Burleso “to custom-build a new team around the 16 graduating Guildhall artists, programmers, designers and producers that will be joining a key Virtual Reality project this month at our headquarters in Frisco, Texas.”

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Source: Gearbox Hires an Entire University Class to Work on Game

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