There’s plenty to appreciate in Full Throttle Remastered even if you didn’t play the original back when it was released by LucasArts in 1995. It’s a darkly humorous adventure set in a Wild West-like near future, where the last cowboys (biker gangs) are struggling to stay saddled before the march of encroaching technology (hover cars). A clean new art style and remixed sound make this old hog feel refreshed, although with its questionable puzzle logic and technical issues Full Throttle definitely still feels like a 22-year-old adventure game.

Our protagonist, Ben, is the John Wayne of the future: tough as nails but always ready with a quip loaded in the chamber when that’s what the moment requires. With a colorful cast of supporting characters he embarks on a gritty quest for vengeance and salvation, one in which he’ll be knocked off his bike countless times, purposely light himself on fire, and throw concentrated poop in other bikers’ faces.

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Source: Full Throttle Remastered Review

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