For Honor is a unique and somewhat risky venture in this day and age of publishers being hesitant to stray far from the model of their proven hits. Like a delicious, gamified Turducken, it’s a brawler with the depth of a fighting game inserted into the body of a third-person action game, which is in turn stuffed into an online team-based objective game. And in my roughly 40 hours spent playing a combination of alpha and beta tests, it’s easy for me to say that For Honor’s combat system is the most tactically complete and flexible version of melee combat I’ve ever experienced.

But before I get into it: Why a review in progress after so much time spent in the beta? Well, for starters, everything you do in For Honor requires an online connection because it’s all tied to your account profile, which is stored on Ubisoft’s servers, so we needed to wait for those to go live today before we could play the final game at all. And of course, I have to make sure its peer-to-peer matchmaking and connections are stable before I start thinking about a score.

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Source: For Honor Review in Progress

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