Warning: Full spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead’s two-episode Season 3 premiere below.

Fear the Walking Dead returned with a double dose of intensity as Season 3 hit us with a huge loss right out of the gate, in the form of Travis’ death, while galvanizing the Clark family into a grieving force that, if called for, was ready to take over their new “home base” by force.

Threats from both walkers and humans were balanced nicely in “Eye of the Beholder” and “The New Frontier” as doomsday-preppers, the Otto family, were introduced as a new story element — saviors to the untrained eye, save for problem child Troy (Daniel Sharman) and his calmly unhinged tendencies to murder strangers for fun. Sorry, did I say for fun? I meant for “science.”

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Source: Fear the Walking Dead: Season 3 Premiere Review

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