Fast RMX is a blazingly-fast, slickly-presented anti-gravity racer that borrows heavily from the classic Wipeout and F-Zero games. It never reaches the heights achieved by either of those seminal series, but its central phase-swapping mechanic helps give it a point of difference.

Before we go any further, however, it’s important to point out that Fast RMX is essentially an expanded version (or, RMX) of the well-received Wii U racer Fast Racing Neo. Developer Shin’en Multimedia has included that game’s 16 base tracks and the eight added tracks from its DLC, and then introduced six more for a total of 30 courses. Elsewhere, it builds upon the same set of vehicles, the same three “leagues” – or speed classes – and the same set of modes. There’s one notable exception: time trial was not included at launch.

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Source: Fast RMX Review

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